Monday, August 13, 2012


 Summer has come to an end but we did make some great memories! 
Nicole got her ears peirced
 The boys had a party with their friends. 
 The kids went back to school!
 Christian hiked Half Dome
 We as a family hiked the mountains near Wrights Lake
 Playing at Lake Powell was a great escape!
 Standing on the Salt Flats
Isaac had a birthday and guess what he really wanted. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012


                                                                                     Searching for all those eggs!
                                Waiting to do the Easter Egg Hunt.  I think Aaron may have been the most excited out of all the kids.
                                                                         Looking so fabulous in their easter outfits!

Isaac and scouting!

Isaac had such a great year in Weblos.  He recieved most of the activity pins, his compass and a point, and he recieved his arrow of light.
We are so proud of him for his hard work.

Nicole loves Mia!

Nicole and Mia. 
 She loves her so much. 
 She is so happy she has someone to dress up and boss around. 

Cousins Weekend!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

American River and the Urgent Care!

The pictures are in order of the last event and then proceed to the beginning of the day.

When you have a day that begins with water and sun you have to wonder what will be next.

Playing in the river in February is such a rare occurrence, we had to take advantage. We played and ran around on the sand bars that are usually under water this time of year. Nicole took a plunge in the river, Aaron sailed his lego boat and guy, and Isaac fished with sticks and string. Oakely remembered she is a water dog. She swam with the currant to bring back the stick. We finished up when the sun started to go down with the warmth of the day. Everyone was having fun running back to the truck with the sticks they found. We loaded up the dog and the boys were not quite at the truck. Nicole got in and we turned just in time to see Aaron land face down on the ground. Christian raced over to help Aaron up and I saw that he needed the towel I was holding. He had wrapped his hands around the stick he was carrying and tripped on the cable that separates the parking lot from the park. Aaron's head hit the cement parking stop and he has a 2 cm gash that needed stitches. I dropped Christian and Aaron off at the ER. I drop the other 2 off at a friends house and proceeded back the to ER with all the needed documentation, Burger King, and a change of clothing for Aaron. He was still in his wet clothing. As I drove into the ER parking garage, I realized that this was not the place that we should be. I found an Urgent Care and they do stitches. We left after spending 2 1/2 hours there and headed to the Urgent Care. We waited for 2 minutes and were in the Trauma room, the doctor ordered numbing gel for Aaron and then she stitched him up (he ended up with 2 internal stitches and 6 external, it is 2 cm long). We were there a total of 50 minutes. We learned a valuable lesson. The Urgent Care is an ER just on a smaller scale. This will be where we go from now on when the doctors office is closed.

The day was very memorable and we will have fond memories forever. Aaron is also so excited that he and his dad are the only ones who have had stitches on their heads. He loves that he is getting all the attention right now.

Aaron all stitched up!
15 minutes later he was all numb

such a trooper, waiting in Trauma

the gash

the stick that will be know as the "stick of death"

running from one large rock mass to another

Aaron's lego guy and boat

Isaac finding a spot to fish

Oakley having a great time in the water

Aaron and Nicole trying to find a way to float things

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Closing out 2011!

Money, Money, money - Aaron passed off all of his Mulplication facts
Pizza weekend with cousins

Having fun with Zach

BB the bunny came to visit for the week

Christian and I went on a great date to the Noodle house

The kids at scandia

Afun family trip to Lake Powell

Aaron truned 9 and had fun with his new remote control car